PowerPoint can support all 4 dimensions of knowledge (factual, conceptual, procedural, and metacognitive) in any lesson, depending how the program is used. If I want my students to gain basic, factual knowledge, I could support my lecture with a PowerPoint presentation. Factual knowledge includes simpler elements, such as vocabulary. Taking notes from a PowerPoint will aid my students in accuracy and memory of this basic knowledge. To support the growth of my students’ conceptual and procedural knowledge, I would instruct them to design a PowerPoint that could teach me a lesson. In order to organize a large quantity of information into PowerPoint slides that others can understand, the student must first fully understand the concepts and details of the lesson. This would be especially helpful in science and history lessons. To support meta-cognitive knowledge in my students, I would have my students instruct their classmates using a PowerPoint presentation. In order to teach a lesson, one must be fully confident in their knowledge of the subject and their ability to present it.


Adaptive technologies can help students with a variety of disabilities by making it easier for them to use the technology that other students use. These include speech recognition program, speech readers, and braille printers. Magnification can also be used on any technology display. I have never personally come into contact with people who use these technologies, and honestly I didn’t know that so many existed. But I’m sure that I will one day teach students who have a need for these devices. My only concern with these otherwise great tools is their compatibility with the programs that other students are using. If the software is incompatible, the student with a disability may feel even more isolated. However, I think the pros to using adaptive technologies outweigh the negatives, and I’m glad that I know about them in case the need for them ever arises in my classroom.


 In this weeks assignment, I got to make a website for my future classroom. I chose to use Weebly to make my web page. I’ve used weebly before but never the education component of the website. I think that Weebly is so user-friendly, and the education section meets all the needs of a teacher designing a webpage with her students and parents in mind. I will definitely use these skills and weebly.com in my future classroom! Here is my final product.